DOWNSIZING is an innovative 3D print service for graphic artists and creative minds who want to deliver cutting-edge 3D design. Design your own printed projects in one of the supported file formats with 3D and Flip effects, and Downsizing will print and ship your one-off proofs, through your short-to-long runs. It works meticulously and empowers manufactures, designers, students and hobbyists to turn powerful ideas into successful products. Print beyond paper and compete in a dynamically changing world as Downsizing offers printing and prototyping services that help accelerate innovation and product development. Downsizing also houses a wide collection of innovatively designed 3D printed products created by the team. We welcome you to our third dimensional world of bliss and artistry.

Downsizing has worked with some of the leading Design studios to deliver promotions through our unique 3D virtual environment and our patented personalized 3D print service. We’re doing other exciting things like printing 3D images of branded products, and even 3D Self Figurines.

Downsizing has leveraged its extensive patent base and its expertise to launch 3D Printing. The company is driven by a talented team, with worldwide expertise in mathematical algorithms, computer graphics, printing software and Post processing. We strive towards innovative new designs and also helping our customers get their own designs 3D’s for them. The process is long and takes hours at a time but the additive process ensures an object is created by laying down successive layers of a particular material until the entire object is created. We envision successive creation of 3D printed objects with the utmost precision possible. We are young and thus we have a knack of exceeding our abilities. Thus, we cater to a lot of the younger generation, from architectural students to professional and others.

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Thought of the day
  • 3D printing turns digital files into phisical objects by building them uo layer-by-layer... It gies everyday consumers the power of manufacturing.

  • Everyone is a maker, only I am a printer.

How It Works?
  • CAD - Producing a 3-D model using computer-aided design (CAD) software.

  • Transferring the File - A user copies theSTL file to the computer that controls the3-D printer. There, the user can designate the size and orientation for printing.

  • Machine Setup - Each machine has its own requirements for how to prepare for a new print job. This includes refilling consumables the printer will use.

  • Build - The machine does its thing; the build process is mostly automatic.

  • Post processing - Many 3-D printers will require some amount of postprocessing for the printed object. Application -- Make use of the newly printed object or objects.

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